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Windows Months go, I reviewed Windows Vista, and concluded: "All in all, I am impressed by Windows Vista [...]. Windows Vista is better than XP, and definitely more than just an improved look as many say." After 5 months of usage, it is time to put that statement into perspective.
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And what part of "shortcuts on the desktop" doesn't solve the file problem?

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His desktop has plenty of icons and even shortcuts already set. The problem is that unless it is really comprehensive, it doesn't fix the problems I am afraid.

Also when he downloads files as in email attaches they go to the desktop. If he could organize things by himself, I am sure it wouldn't be a problem, as he would already understand more what is going on... Think for instance every time he needs to browse for a file, in those file opening windows... Unless the shortcuts were all there as well, in a comprehensive way, he would have problem navigating the directories to find what he needs...

Let's say, the more the O.S. organized the things and made them straightforward by default, the less the user would need to learn about what's going on to get things done.

The O.S. needs to behave well by default.

BTW, sometimes when he is playing Carom3D, the dialog of the antivirus is activated on the background and the game window is "minimized", and he needs to click back on the taskbar game window button to go back to it and resume it.

These little annoyances can be stressful, like those windows asking for updates of programs, or Windows taskbar messages warning the user of something...

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Where downloads are stored by default can be changed and is a feature of the browser, not the OS. So that's easy to fix, even if it's a mess by default.

And as for the antivirus thing stealing focus, that's a poorly-written app (like most). There have been discussions regarding whether a window manager should even allow that, but it often comes down to a couple of annoying apps that should stay in the backgroound and don't. For that reason alone you might want to consider a more well-behaved antivirus/antispyware suite (or a more limited access account on the machine to preclude the need for it; that works for my parents for the most part, and they're power users among their age group).

As for organizing files... well, even the best of us get lost in our own directory stacks now and then, and it takes concerted effort to keep it organized. Maybe the OSX- and Vista-style searching (often denoted by the Mac name "Spotlight") makes that simpler. There are utilities to recreate that in XP and on Unix-like systems. Hope that helps.

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