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Linux "It has been a hard year around here but steady progress on Symphony has continued. Symphony OS 2007 will be released either late this month or early next month with several major changes: Ubuntu 7.04 base system, Ubiquity installer, Google Gadgets as desklets, and continued performance improvements."
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I can't say enough good things about SymphonyOS. Maybe if I could, the free software and web development communities would finally give this project the resources it deserves. SymphonyOS is a prototype for Web 3.0, a convergence between native and web programming environments. This guy is building a Linux desktop based on Firefox essentially by himself, despite major financial and personal limitations, and hardly anybody is taking notice. If Mozilla is really so keen on offline apps and bringing the web to the desktop, then they'd be wise to divert some of their $55M to SymphonyOS.

Active Desktop didn't take off because back then, the web was predominantly used for static content. It also failed because Microsoft couldn't foster and promote a community to bring interesting capabilities to Active Desktop. But the web has come a long way both as a platform and as a distributed development ecosystem. Let's bring AJAX, social networking, and mashing to the desktop. Maybe all of that Web 2.0 mantra will really start to pay dividends when it becomes a first-class citizen of our desktops.

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The chief questions this OS raises are as follows:

1. Is the current GUI metaphor in need of replacement?
2. If so, is Web 3.0 a viable platform for a desktop environment?


3. Slax is more of a distro than SymphonyOS is at this point. Now that SymphonyOS is nothing more than an add-on for existing Ubuntu installations, would it be better served marketing itself through Canonical the way Xubuntu is?

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