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Red Hat Red Hat announced a new client product, Red Hat Global Desktop, at its annual Red Hat Summit tradeshow in San Diego. This move is designed, in part, to compete with Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 Desktop, which has achieved success in business desktop markets, and with Ubuntu 7.04, which will soon appear on Dell PCs. Some reporting about this can also be found at the company's magazine. Update: Elsewhere, talking security with Red Hat's Mark Cox.
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I like the concept there that desktop provides ability to use your data from the web as easily as data on the desktop.

However i don't think that desktop as in traditional sense is dead. The internet connectivity is not always there. You can't play games from online or do high bandwidth requirement tasks.

Then security is also an issue as well.

So i wouldn't say traditional desktop is dead but i would say this is first step in right direction for future.

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Firefox 3.0 will allow you to run web apps without a connection...

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What i want is a seamless integration of web and desktop. It shouldn't matter whether I am running an application on the web or desktop. I should be able to open my files, run my applications etc.

The second step is having online desktop. Think about having your applications no matter where you go or which computer you use. Now that is useful IMO.

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LOL ;) - I think you misphrased that.

Firefox can already do that - if the web app is running locally. If the web app is running remotely no browser will ever be capable of running without a connection. And if it is stored in cache, it is stored locally. So no, Firefox 3.0 cannot run a web app without a connection. At the very least you need a "connection" to localhost ;)

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