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GNU, GPL, Open Source An IT Manager's Journal article tries to clear up misunderstandings about the controversial GPLv3. It discusses several common points of controversy and misunderstanding, and notes that discussion of these points is ongoing.
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It is anti-drm because tries to invalidate it, Is just saying F***-off to DRM but with nicer words, who is dumb enought to believe is not anti-drm?, certaintly Im not.

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It is not anti-DRM. It is perfectly legal and possible to use DRM with GPL v.3. Of course you cannot use it to prevent fair use since it would violate the four freedoms, but if you want to violate the four freedoms you shouldn't be using GPL at all.

If you support fair use you can only be against DRM in the way it is often used (e.g. to restrict rights one cannot surrender according to law).

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I do think they are playing with the words in the license to hide that it is anti-drm, but I don't beleve them at all.

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Same here, I do think they are just playing with words.

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