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OS/2 and eComStation Many OS/2-eCS users knows that we are currently requesting signatures to ask IBM to open source OS/2 (or at least the OS/2 components that are possible to be opened). We are getting close to send the petition, so if you haven't sign yet, go ahead!
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OS/2 money...
by The Lone OSer on Mon 11th Jul 2005 10:23 UTC
The Lone OSer
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I guess an argument COULD be made that since the recently won antitrust money IBM got in relation to OS/2 was about OS/2, then some of that money atleast should go back in to OS/2, and prepare it as an OOS project.
However, I think IBM would still rather keep OS/2 on a back shelf somewhere to forever collect dust then have it out in the community again at large (eCS to me is a very closed product meant for a specific userbase of existing customers, the pricing point of this product is pretty much proof positive of this).
And i'm not sure how many people have actually played around with OS/2 as of late, but when I reinstalled it (Warp 4) a few months back just for memory sake, even though I used to love it, it certainly reminded me how dated the OS really is, and I am sorry to say, but I really don't see a need for it any more in the public arena other then for the passionate few.

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