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Gentoo Techgage has taken a hard look at the latest release from Gentoo, particularly its installation process. Although there is a revamped installer, using it proved to be a less than perfect experience: "This installer does not function like the previous ones. Before, the installer would wait until you made changes to the last option before it began installing. Now, everything is installed along the way."
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This is NOT a review!
by cylent on Sun 13th May 2007 11:57 UTC
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seriously now this is not a review.
3 pages of chatter about bug 1 and bug 2 of the installer.
you call that a distribution review?

5 thumbs down! waaaaay down!

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RE: This is NOT a review!
by netpython on Sun 13th May 2007 12:28 in reply to "This is NOT a review!"
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what's there to review?

The target audience doesn't really need one they know.Besides 9 out of 10 install gentoo the "old fashioned way".

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RE: This is NOT a review!
by Deathspawner on Sun 13th May 2007 16:56 in reply to "This is NOT a review!"
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The only thing to really focus on in a new Gentoo release is the installer. It was mentioned in the intro that it was an article focused more towards previous Gentoo users, hence the lack of explanation on a lot of things.

It's difficult to review a distro that people are meant to create on their own. Each Gentoo install will be different, depending on tastes.

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RE: This is NOT a review!
by Quake on Sun 13th May 2007 19:21 in reply to "This is NOT a review!"
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Gentoo isn't your average distro like ubuntu or Fedora. It is meant for advanced or beginner users who want to learn in the in and out of linux.

So it's completely customizable with flags and other configuration which will make it difficult to review.

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