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3D News, GL, DirectX "It's late, but it's finally here. This morning AMD will be formally announcing their long-awaited Radeon HD 2000 series, or perhaps better known as the ATI R600 GPU. The AMD Radeon HD 2000 series features DirectX 10.0 (well, for those that use Microsoft products), Avivo HD, a programmable tessellation unit, CrossFire support, and much more. This morning we have our technology preview of ATI/AMD's next generation GPUs along with what's in store for Linux and the R600 series support." Update: AnandTech has a 31-page review of the R600.
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by zsitvaij on Mon 14th May 2007 22:11 UTC
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but does it run linux? :/

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RE: meh
by kaiwai on Mon 14th May 2007 22:24 in reply to "meh"
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Unfortunately, no - their current drivers don't support it.

Hence, they're going to be forever off my computer purchasing radar; failure to support Solaris to me instantly kicks them off the list of suppliers to either to me or those who I provide consultancy.

If Ati wish to think we're a 'small bunch' let them, because they're doing it at their peril.

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