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AMD AMD says its badly needed quad-core desktop processors are on the way, and they'll arrive bearing a new name. Two quad-core chips will be available in the second half of the year, the Phenom FX and the Phenom X4, and a dual-core chip based on a similar design called the Phenom X2 will also appear by the end of the year.
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too long ...
by vermaden on Tue 15th May 2007 13:21 UTC
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AMD Barcelona K10/K8L chip is known for very long time.

It is a great designed CPU but AMD should release it much earlier then that.

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RE: too long ...
by gilboa on Tue 15th May 2007 17:35 in reply to "too long ..."
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Beyond bragging rights, quad core means 0 to 99.9% of all desktop users out there.
The enthusiast market, as noisy as it is, accounts for a minute part of the market share.
The number of applications that can scale nicely on two cores is slowly growing... but literally zero desktop applications come even close to loading 4... or 8 cores.

AMD needs a quad core Opteron CPU for workstations and servers -NOW-.
Not next month, not even tomorrow.

Hopefully AMD will release the QC Opteron parts on time (End of Q2/07) and -in volume-.

- Gilboa "typing this on a dual - dual Opteron workstation sitting next to dual - quad core Clovertown workstation" Davara.

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RE[2]: too long ...
by sbergman27 on Tue 15th May 2007 17:47 in reply to "RE: too long ..."
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I've posted about this before, but not lately. So here goes.

My largest XDMCP desktop server services about 50 users. We benefit from its 2 3.2GHz Xeons a good bit of the time. But not all the time. And that's with 50 users. The average desktop has dozens of processes running, *ALL* of which are asleep at most times.

By that I mean that most users are not using any processor at all at any given time.

With 50 users, we *might* benefit noticeably from a quad core.

But from a marketing perspective, I agree that AMD needs to get a quad core out fast.

Sad, isn't it?

Edit and P.S.: To those about to mention specialized workstation uses, I agree completely. There do exist individual apps which can benefit greatly from multiple cores. It's just that most peoples' desktops don't

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RE[2]: too long ...
by flywheel on Tue 15th May 2007 19:05 in reply to "RE: too long ..."
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If Barcelona isn't ready then it isn't ready. Unlike Intel, AMD is unable to get away with relasing unfinished hardware.

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