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Linspire "This week, Microsoft laid out the next chapter in their plans regarding patents and open source Linux software, by going public with the claim that Linux infringes on some 235 of their software patents. The first chapter in this story began back in November of last year, when Microsoft entered into a agreement with Novell. These events, in my opinion, form the most important dynamic today as to the future success of Linux. How will all of this affect open source software and Linux? What should the open source community do? And... What will Linspire do?"
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RE: Will it?
by Luminair on Tue 15th May 2007 16:56 UTC in reply to "Will it?"
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There is a business side that not everyone appreciates. Linux distros are large companies that can't afford to be sued into the ground, or lose business over uncertainties.

Linspire, for instance, is going to fight and ignore patents just like everyone else. But he implies at the end that Linspire will develop a contingency plan -- a distro that cuts out patent infringements. Read the Linspire letter for more information.

So the answer to the question "Will it hobble Linux?" is probably actually "Yes," even if it just means developing a backup plan while normal business goes on.

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RE[2]: Will it?
by sigzero on Tue 15th May 2007 20:50 in reply to "RE: Will it?"
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No, I still see the answer as "no".

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