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Windows SoftwareInReview reviews Windows Vista, and concludes: "I took down my Mandriva workstation and replaced it with my Vista test machine and tried to work normally for a day. I found it difficult to get good desktop software applications for affordable prices, I had trouble getting my Microsoft mouse to work properly, the unintuitive and strangely rearranged interface drove me crazy, and the system's poor performance was intolerable." Elsewhere, El Reg has more on the file deletion problems in Vista.
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by linuxh8r on Tue 15th May 2007 18:19 UTC
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This file copy lag problem seems to exist on Linux too (at least on my Ubuntu 7.04 distro.) With the new release of the linux kernel, I hope they fixed it.

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RE: Hmmm...
by archiesteel on Tue 15th May 2007 18:25 in reply to "Hmmm..."
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Really? Using what desktop environment? What program? I'm asking because I have *never* experienced anything like what the Register article is describing, nor have I read about anything like that on the Ubuntu Forums

(Although copying thousands of files in Konqueror sometimes slows down, but then doing the same thing from the command line flies...)

Considering your nickname and your trust rating, I think I'm going to take that comment of yours with a grain of salt...

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