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SkyOS After a great deal of interest from the community, we have decided to officially open the "SkyOS Code Ransom". In a nutshell, the SkyOS Code Ransom is a system to encourage developers to port various software packages to SkyOS, as well as a way to reward them for their efforts. Depending on how successful and how much interest there is in the "SkyOS Code Ransom", we may expand this feature of the website a great deal more in the future.
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RE[6]: Interesting
by eosp on Sat 27th Aug 2005 21:03 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Interesting"
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I meant that while MS puts little things no one uses in, they lack in the real, process management, etc.

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RE[7]: Interesting
by on Sun 28th Aug 2005 21:53 in reply to "RE[6]: Interesting"
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I just happened to be a disabled user who benefits from the fact that Microsoft has not only included little accessibility utilities, but has also included an entire accessibility framework to allow those "more powerful" programs to work with windows. I am a user of one of the more powerful screen readers. If an OS vendor puts in a framework to allow screen readers to accurately tell the user what's going on inside the windows screen/application, I think that is good bloat. If it weren't for this "bloat", I wouldn't even be posting in this forum right now. The framework isn't perfect, but its better than where we are on Linux.

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RE[8]: Interesting
by eosp on Mon 29th Aug 2005 01:18 in reply to "RE[7]: Interesting"
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I agree completely with you on that the framework is good bloat--if it's bloat at all. "Bloat" by defn is useless. I agree that the framework is fine. But those little tools are useless. The screen reader is useless, that is the one that comes with Windows.

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