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Geek stuff, sci-fi... "Ever since the remote control's co-inventor Robert Adler passed away [in March], I've wanted to own one of the first remote controls. After trolling through eBay every now and then, I finally have in my hands a piece of the history of the button. But there's a mystery: which piece?" Entertainingly written piece on the world's first remote controls. I totally enjoy the simplicity of the ultrasonic remote: "All these early remotes are purely mechanical. No batteries at all. When you push the button, a small hammer strikes an aluminum rod, triggering a sound above our hearing range that's picked up by the TV. Each rod is a different length, thus a different frequency, thus distinguishable by the TV." Brilliant.
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Battery-less electronic version, Shirely?
by burnttoy on Wed 16th May 2007 13:01 UTC
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I like the transmission method! Very clever although the local bats might not like it. However, the transmission method is not the point.

The reason it was battery-less was because it derived the energy needed for transmitting a signal directly from the user kinetically and transformed it for transmission.

How much energy do you get from doing that click and would it be enough to power a radio transmitter to broadcast a fixed multi bit message?

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