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Legal Microsoft has said it will not sue Linux users with regards to the company's patent claims. "We're not litigating. If we wanted to we would have done so years ago," said Horacio Gutierrez, Microsoft's VP for intellectual property and licensing, in an interview. When asked for a reply regarding the claim of Microsoft that the Linux kernel infringes 42 of its patents, Linus Torvalds replied: "Can you get a list of which ones? Before that, it's just FUD, and there's not a whole lot I can say or do. Is there prior art? Are they trivial and obvious to one skilled in the art? Would we need to work around them? We don't know, because all I've heard so far is just FUD. If MS actually wanted us to not infringe their patents, they'd tell us. Since they don't, that must mean that they actually prefer the FUD."
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RE[10]: What a load
by aGNUstic on Wed 16th May 2007 23:52 UTC
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I believe `anti-Americans` on OS News are picking on the wrong crowd.

I'm an American who has come up from grinding poverty, not uncommon anymore, and pulled myself out of it. Open source and like software has played a major part in me making money and having a steady job.

Just because some nimrod within a so-called `American` corporation bleeds the world dry of capital is no reason to paint the rest of the people in the individual 50 states as money-grubbers.

I'm sure others in Europe and Australia see only the rich bolt-holes and take that as the `typical` American.

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RE[11]: What a load
by archiesteel on Thu 17th May 2007 01:57 in reply to "RE[10]: What a load"
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I'm sure others in Europe and Australia see only the rich bolt-holes and take that as the `typical` American.

Actually, we don't. Most people understand that it's not the individual Americans at fault. You're right, though, it's important to avoid those stereotypes. I guess it's one more reason to be angry with most of your leaders... :-)

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