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Windows "It's the end of the line for 32-bit operating systems, Microsoft has proclaimed at its annual Windows Hardware Engineering conference After the software giant has gotten over its hangover from partying like it's 1999 with the release of Windows Server 2008, it will have one last 32-bit hurrah with a 'release 2' update to Windows Server 2008, and that'll be it. 32 bit CPU: if you have one, learn to love Vista - you're stuck with it.There will be no more versions of Windows - on desktop or server - that will work on 32-bit CPUs like Pentium 4 or Core Duo."
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VMWare supports 64-bit Windows on 32-bit
by mbpark on Thu 17th May 2007 15:53 UTC
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VMWare does ( support 64-bit guest operating systems on a 32-bit environment.

This is an opportunity for VMWare to sell a low-end version of their product to people looking to run Windows Server 2008 R2+ or Windows Vista R2+ on their 32-bit hardware. It's not going to be much of a market, but it'll be there for Windows and Linux.

And yes, the other side is true. There will still be 16-bit and 32-bit code running at that time which will not run in 64-bit Windows that will require 32-bit Windows to still be utilized in some form.

This is really good news for VMWare, in other words. They can now market themselves as providing a necessary legacy asset for running older Windows code.

Microsoft's enterprise contracts allow "downgrade" rights, so you (as long as you buy the license) can run older versions of the software.

Then again, with things going the way they are with Microsoft, I could see a lot of those 32-bit "legacy" systems running on top of 64-bit Linux or OS X.

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VMWare support 32-bits guest under 64-bits hosts, but not 64-bits guests under 32-bits host (even when the cpu supports 64-bits).

The only way to support 64-bits under 32-bits hosts is emulation, and VMWare doesn't do this.

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VMWare will not run a 64 bit guest OS on a 32-bit CPU. It will however run a 64-bit guest OS, on a 32-bit host OS, if the CPU is 64 bit. Believe me, I've done it - installed 64-bit Linux under Windows XP (32-bit).

This also says it can be done:

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