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SuSE, openSUSE The fourth alpha release of OpenSUSE 10.3 has been released. "Inclusion of YaST Meta Packages handler; instLux allows users to start the Linux installation from Windows; we have removed zmd from the distribution and concentrate now on the tools opensuse-updater and zypper; TeX Live replaces teTex; first parts of KDE4svn entered Factory, its games are installed; 2.2; GNOME 2.18.1; improvements to our init script starter startpar to reduce boottime; first changes to support Sony PS3; Linux 2.6.21 with an updated AppArmor patchset."
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YaST is a lot faster on 10.2 than it used to be, and I guess 10.3 may speed things further. YaST is not really the creaking behemoth it used to be and OpenSuSE have clearly taken on board the need to quicken it all round.

I'm not a programmer, but I'm wondering whether YaST is tied to SuSE's very particular back-end, and this is why no one really seems interested in adapting it for another distro. All those special SuSE scripts, all the sysconfig and SuSEconfig stuff (see the folders in /etc). Disentangling all this and then bolting the resulting GUI on to another version of Linux could be a Herculean task. Debian, for example, does everything differently and has a very different philosophy when it comes to the organization/content of text configs and where they go in the heirarchy. Even after that, a distro that adopted an open-sourced YaST might find itself being called a Little SuSE in the market's view. Next thing Microsoft knock on the door with a special voucher deal for you haha.

The amount of work in opening YaST and making it universal must be at least as much as writing your typical KDE or Gnome-ish hardware control panels.

For all that, YaST is serious kit by any standards, surely, and SuSE have always seemed well aware of the importance of grooming and growing it.

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