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Morphos The Efika motherboard is now available for the promised pricetag of USD 99. On top of that, MorphOS 1.5 2.0 is apparently on its way, and it will support hardware accelerated transparent windows, among other things. Screenshots and pictures can be found at MorphZone. As promised, MorphOS 2.0 will run on the Efika.
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$99 and MorphOS...not bad
by mbpark on Mon 21st May 2007 20:31 UTC
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This isn't a PC for a PCs sake. This is a good price for a (mostly) Amiga-compatible product that also happens to run Linux and MorphOS (and soon AROS).

One of the major complaints in the Amiga world is the scarcity of decent hardware, like $700-$800 PPC accelerators for the 68K series, AmigaOne boards, and even the $200+ Mediator PCI adapter and case that requires a Voodoo3 video card. I used to own an Amiga, and a few people I know still do. The market is expensive, and the hardware is starting to hit the failure wall. Many Amiga fans also expect the new ACK Controls hardware to be available sometime after never.

MorphOS, on the other hand, has been available, and yes I've used it. It's incredibly fast, and can run a lot of Amiga programs (and UAE for the chipset-dependent SW). It's fast on an upgraded Amiga 4000. It'll be much faster on an EFIKA (400Mhz is a LOT for this OS).

$99 for this means that those of us who want an Amiga-like system that doesn't take up much space can get one. It's also a lot cheaper and faster (not to mention smaller and sturdier) than the aging upgraded Amiga/Commodore hardware it can replace.

This is also designed to hit the hobbyist/hacker market quite well. $99 means that you can try it out and use it for little projects where you don't want to use a full-fledged desktop PC. This is treading into Gumstix territory.

This product hits well for two markets which converge: The Amiga market, home to some of the best hardware/software hackers ever, and the hobbyist/hacker market, where many of the old Amiga/C= afficionados still hang out.

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