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OS/2 and eComStation Many OS/2-eCS users knows that we are currently requesting signatures to ask IBM to open source OS/2 (or at least the OS/2 components that are possible to be opened). We are getting close to send the petition, so if you haven't sign yet, go ahead!
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by on Mon 11th Jul 2005 11:45 UTC

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As I have mentioned often before, there existing the problem with eComStation (eCS).

I don't know, if eCS owns OS/2 Warp or have only lincensed it from IBM.

If eCS have buyed it from IBM, then IBM is the wrong address to ask for make OS/2 OpenSource.

If eCS have lincensed it from IBM, then it would be a unloyal step to eCS if they put it under an OpenSource license.
eCS licensed it, to sell as only one a modern OS/2. So IBM would be betray eCS if they put OS/2 under an OpenSource license. As a result IBM losts of its image to other firms. Because if they lincene products to other firms, the other firms must consider, that IBM put its Software soon under an OpenSource license, where the firm itself have payed money for using it.

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