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Linux Why is it that the average computer user still chooses to spend hundreds of dollars on Windows or Mac when there are countless Linux alternatives that they could download, install and make use of completely free of charge? Some answers here.
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Average joe don't need Linux
by funny_irony on Tue 22nd May 2007 05:02 UTC
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Unless their life depend on it. Average Joe will not invest time and money to figure out how to use Linux.

Time = Money

The more time time you use to learn Linux, the more money you waste.

A few hundreds dollars more to have everything pre-install is cheaper.

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Your right, thats why they modded you down (sadly)
but I'm brave and I will say it. Yes Time is money.

Ubuntu on Dell is brave (and proper) Real World (TM) start for Linux based Operating systems in front of mainstream general users (...and productives as well)

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"Time = Money"

Not really but there are probably a lot of things the average user would rather spend their time doing than learning to use an Operating System.

"The more time time you use to learn Linux, the more money you waste."

People do a lot of things for other reasons than monetary gain. You don't make a lot of money watching TV or working in the garden yet a lot of people do it.
If you can get someone interested in computers or convince them that there is a long-term gain (monetary or otherwise) from learning Linux it's no longer a waste of time.

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