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General Unix Would you be able to survive one full day without using the X server? Linux offers us a wide assortment of CLI based tools which use curses and/or framebuffer for functional user interfaces. There is no reason why you shouldn't be able look up stuff online, read your email, look at pictures, watch movies and listen to music as you are trying to configure X.
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Wouldn't stand a chance
by bogomipz on Tue 22nd May 2007 08:24 UTC
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Most of what I do happen inside screen. I use vim as my editor, mutt for email, irssi for IRC, mpd + ncmpc for music, rtorrent for... well, torrents, and no matter how hard I try forcing myself to use a civilized GTK file manager, I usually end up handling files from the command line.

There was a time when I played back video and displayed images on the console through svgalib. This differs next to nothing from how I use mplayer and qiv under X today, so I know the console would work for this as well.

My most important application by FAR, however, is the web browser. For this, there is no console alternative that is good enough, and no, elinks does NOT cut it. The interwebs were never meant to be text only in the first place. On the good side, though, this means that I'm not locked in to any desktop in particular. Switching to any other OS will be no problem as long as it has a decent web browser.

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