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Morphos The Efika motherboard is now available for the promised pricetag of USD 99. On top of that, MorphOS 1.5 2.0 is apparently on its way, and it will support hardware accelerated transparent windows, among other things. Screenshots and pictures can be found at MorphZone. As promised, MorphOS 2.0 will run on the Efika.
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RE[3]: Price is right but...
by DoctorMorbius_FP on Tue 22nd May 2007 14:10 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Price is right but..."
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@ dagw & whoever will like to know

> So what can it do on the processor? I'd like to note
> that I'm very well aware of what AmigaOS could do in
> the past with very little resources, but what can
> MorphOS do?

Whatever you can do on an Amiga with AmigaOS, you can also do on a Pegasos or an Efika with MorphOS.

You may want to read the article I published here on OSNews one year ago:">MorphOS: V1.0

or its extended (doubled) version published on Power Developer web site six months later:">MorphOS: V2.0

Of course the articles refer to MorphOS 1.4.5, so be aware that each OS feature explicitly described as absent in MorphOS 1.4.5 has been inserted in MorphOS 2.0. This new version of the OS still exists in beta stage and the time of its coming is NOT far away.

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