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PC-BSD LinuxHelp has reviewed PC-BSD. "PC-BSD is turning out to be an excellent alternative to other desktop operating systems. After testing and using PC-BSD for some time now, I can't but admire the sheer amount of work that is put into creating, developing and molding an OS for the lay person albeit with a strong slant towards FreeBSD. The fact that PC-BSD is able to accomplish all the tasks expected by an end user - be it using the Internet for communication, listening to music, watching movies or using it for recreation purposes holds it in good stead as a viable desktop operating systems."
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Yet another testemonial
by nullpt on Wed 23rd May 2007 04:13 UTC
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I'm a freebsd addicted. I use it for everything.

Since my father doesn't know anything about computers he has PC-BSD 1.3.x running on his laptops and he's very happy with it. No more windows re-installations and slowdowns. He's just honestly happy about it. He uses it to browse the internet all day long (work), e-mail, general multimedia purpose, writing documents and spreadsheats, make presentations to clients, and many other stuff..

My mother also uses PC-BSD 1.3.x at home for internet surfing, some gaming, writing documents, listening to old folks tracks and watching DVD's. She's also very happy with it.

I tought that it would only take a while before they started begging for windows again but PC-BSD made it into very, very computer noob people. Language support is very good and anyone that doesn't speak english or have a American keyboard can use it with no problems!

I really recomend everyone to test PC-BSD and to install it in computer noob persons. I'm sure they'll love it!

PC-BSD is now certified for very, very computer noob usage ;)

Kudos to the PC-BSD project.

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