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Hardware, Embedded Systems When Dell put up its IdeaStorm community-feedback site, the company was surprised by the strong response in favor of shipping personal computers with Linux. The PC company then announced that it would offer Ubuntu Linux on select systems, and as of yesterday, they are taking orders. Ubuntu Linux is now available on the XPS 410n high-end desktop system at USD 849 (compared with USD 899 for the same machine with Windows installed), the E520n desktop at USD 599, and the E1505n notebook at USD 599. For now, the Ubuntu systems will only be available to customers in the United States. Availability is expected 'in the coming weeks' according to an announcement given on May 1, but lists a shipping time of three to five days.
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> since there are no legal issues with distributing those codecs

There are. MP3 and DVD patents are not considered software patents. European companies using these technologies have to pay license fees to the patent holders all the same.

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Can't you buy all that stuff properly licensed from Fluendo, though? I wouldn't think they would charge a big distributor like Dell very much.

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It might have something to do with Dell expecting Canonical to do all the software support.

Ubuntu doesn't ship with Fluendo codecs, so unless Canonical makes a special deal with Fluendo so they can offer a commerical package to Dell (which might not go over well with Shuttleworth's promise of 'one Ubuntu for all with no Professional or other special versions') we probably won't see it.

If future versions of Ubuntu come with the Linspire Click'n'Run store (whereby users would choose to install these things), we might see it that way.

Alternately, this is just Dell saving money.

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