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Windows Seven months after announcing plans to take up where Microsoft left off with its Windows Longhorn client development, a group of members of the site have built a working prototype of what they're calling 'Longhorn Reloaded'. Earlier this week, the Longhorn Reloaded developers and testers posted for download Milestone 1 of Longhorn Reloaded. "Longhorn Reloaded is a Project dedicated to the revival of the Operating System known as Code Name 'Longhorn'. To put the projects aims simply, we aim to finish off what Microsoft started before the operating system was canceled. It is a modification of Windows 6.0.4074, which was originally released during the 2004 Windows Hardware Engineers Conference," explained the Longhorn Reloaded team on the Joejoe Web site.
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Dead end
by ml2mst on Fri 25th May 2007 21:36 UTC
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I realy hate to say this, since I am a alternative OS freak in general, but I'm afraid this project is going no where.

Why don't the coders simply hook up with the ReactOS project, who could use a couple of additional coders?

ReactOS is a respectable project IMHO, you guys could invest your coding skills in this project.

What a shame, what a waste of good coding skills ;-(

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RE: Dead end
by WyldStylist on Fri 25th May 2007 21:49 in reply to "Dead end"
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Reactos come on give me a break what they should have finished by now is the gui /drivers support and filesystem instead they prioritize that no-good bloatware like IE-integration.
They say it can be uninstalled but i had no luck with that.

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RE[2]: Dead end
by ml2mst on Fri 25th May 2007 22:01 in reply to "RE: Dead end"
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Well, if you think you can do better than the coders of the ReactOS project, surprise us :-)

If you can't come up with something better than ReactOS yourself, I guess, you don't have the right to complain :-p

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