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Apple "Even while at the top of its game, Apple Inc. can seemingly find faults with just about anything, including a bit of itself. The Mac maker is constantly evaluating the market segments in which it wishes to participate and those which it does not. It's an application of love-hate methodology that inevitably produces its share of casualties." AppleInsider says it has learned from 'reliable' sources that the end is nigh for the Mini. "Ladies and gentlemen, AppleInsider believes in all sincerity that the Mini is dead."
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RE: Mixed feelings
by Doc Pain on Sat 26th May 2007 12:45 UTC in reply to "Mixed feelings"
Doc Pain
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"But soon reports said it was underpowered and it was better to buy the 700 dollars version."

This is business as usual. If something is introduced to the market, it's usually underpowered and you can get better ones for some more money. And, of course, it is outdated when you leave the shop with it. :-)

"Then Apple switched to Intel, and suddenly the Mini was 100 bucks more. And the Mini that everyone recommended is actually 800 jojo's. Well here in Europe even more (800 Euro's ;) )"

In Germany, Mac Minis are sold at Saturn for ca. 400 - 500 Euro (the lower spec ones), I think they still do. The better versions have higher prices, 700 Euro nd more. There are customers for both of them, usual home users, such as my boss is, who I recommended to buy one as long as this is possible, would be completely happy with the "low end" Mac Mini.

"All in all I think Apple was unlucky with the hardware switch (not from a technical point but why buy a Mini if you know the next gen will be on Intel?) and made some pricing mistakes, as usual it's too high."

This seems to be usual at Apple. I think this is one reason why they are still not represented as strong in the market as they could be...

"And yes, including an ipod station in the Mini would be a killer I think."

If they included a keyboard and a mouse (to complete the system to instant usability) along with the iPod station, yes, they would go away like warm buns (in german: weggehen wie warme Semmeln).

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