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OS/2 and eComStation 2.0.4 is now available for eComStation and OS/2 users. "Effective immediately, Serenity Systems International will be distributing a GA version of 2.0.4 to all users who ordered the Support Agreement for product. This version has been compiled to run on IBM OS/2 and eComStation as a native application. version 1.1.5 will no longer be distributed."
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RE: Eh
by RISCOSMike on Thu 31st May 2007 09:26 UTC in reply to "Eh"
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There are too many people like you on OS News. Do you enjoy poking the fun out of Minority OS's or something? Just because itís not Windows, OS X, or Linux related and not even the latest version of open office doesnít mean itís not "news". I think this is a great upgrade from where they were before.

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RE[2]: Eh
by Xaero_Vincent on Fri 1st Jun 2007 03:39 in reply to "RE: Eh"
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Not really. An OS upgrading to OpenOffice 2.0 when 2.2 is out really isnt news, even if it were for a Linux distribution.

As for being a "Minority OS"...

eComStation doesn't position itself well against others by being proprietary and expensive while failing to deliver the same level of features as other proprietary and expensive OSes.

eComStation has caught up to the Windows 9x era with far less software and a few unique features. However, eComStation costs about as much as Vista Buisness at retail price and therefore a terrible value.

If Linux is still considered a minority OS, imagine the changes needed upon eComStation for it to be a contender.

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RE[3]: Eh
by rcsteiner on Fri 1st Jun 2007 19:06 in reply to "RE[2]: Eh"
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OpenOffice is a significant open source program, arguably one of the most important, and its continued availability in any form on minority platforms is a Big Deal, at least to the fans and users of those platforms (and to many fans of minority platforms in general).

eCS has price issues. IBM is responsible for those; the community and the distributing vendor (SSI) can't do that much about IBM's licensing fees. A sad situation, IMO.

Other than Windows, which propietary and expensive OSes would you be talking about? Are you seriously suggesting that something like Solaris/x86 can compete with eCS as a desktop solution?

FWIW, I think all non-Microsoft operating systems are rightfully considered minority platforms in the desktop space. Very few people care about any of them except their respective groups of enthusiasts because Windows has been the resident default value on desktop hardware for the past decade and a half.

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