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Syllable, AtheOS Syllable 0.5.7 has been released. You can read the changelog here, and the download locations are here. "The biggest change in this release: everything has been recompiled against the new libc, and we have broken binary compatability through the removal of all the old libgui/libatheos/libsyllable versions. There are also some new drivers, new GUI classes, new bug fixes, and no doubt, new bugs."
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RE: Nice Work
by on Sun 28th Aug 2005 19:05 UTC in reply to "Nice Work"

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0.5.7 is a normal release that just happens to be the last of the 0.5.x releases, and due to a problem upgrading Zlib we've had to break compatability one release early (We were planing on removing all the old GUI & libc libs in 0.6.0)

Bug fixes are, as always, an ongoing thing. Although I have stipulated that we *must* fix both AFS and the SMP bugs before the end of the 0.6.x releases, and hopefully we'll have *all* the major bugs fixed by the end of 0.6.x's anyway.

To be honest, we need a good filesystem engineer and a good kernel engineer with SMP experience.

Vanders, posting from 0.5.7 (Who can't log in 'cos the "LOGIN button" image map doesn't work in ABrowse for some reason.)

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RE[2]: Nice Work
by Andrew Youll on Sun 28th Aug 2005 19:08 in reply to "RE: Nice Work"
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Press Return / Enter it should submit the form

On-topic: thanks for the clarification Vanders, I'll download the ISO tonight and try it on my Athlon64.

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RE[2]: Nice Work
by Adam S on Sun 28th Aug 2005 21:03 in reply to "RE: Nice Work"
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Vanders - visit /login.php and you can login without the button. Most browsers can handle it, but if not the login page does work with a standard

<input type="button">

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