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OSNews, Generic OSes Parallels is just weeks away from releasing version 3.0 of its Mac virtualisation suite, beating VMWare to an offering with 3D GPU emulation built-in. Parallels says high-end Windows games will now be playable within a virtual machine There are some other features included too, like the ability to associate any file type in Mac OS X to open in a Windows app, and vice versa.
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update charge
by Macintosh Sauce on Fri 1st Jun 2007 15:35 UTC
Macintosh Sauce
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I just bought Parallels 2 when I bought my Mac Pro early this year. Unbelievable! I am not happy having to pay an upgrade fee after only having the program barely for five months.

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RE: update charge
by Kroc on Fri 1st Jun 2007 15:40 in reply to "update charge"
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With all respect, what we have now works well enough. You're not forced to upgrade. The new features are significant enough to warrant a new version, and the upgrade price is very reasonable, especially in the UK

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RE[2]: update charge
by vimh on Fri 1st Jun 2007 16:39 in reply to "RE: update charge"
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I was with you there for a second but then I thought about our own experience so far with Parallels. The company I work for recently started in earnest to develop for the Mac. We have a number of clients who use Macs requests for a native Mac version have increased lately.

In the mean time, we have serval people who are using Parallels and we have been using it as well. To be perfectly honest, 2.0 has not quite met our expectations. Our primary complaint is it's ability to handle data over serial connections but aside from that, the software has been a bit troublesome (buggy, crashing to the point where I have to kill the process).

If 3.0 solves our problems, then great, we'll bite the bullet. But then again, paying money for bug fixes makes it feel a bit too much for paying for a beta, not a finished product. At least I can just demo 3.0 to see if it is worth the upgrade.

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RE: update charge
by BluenoseJake on Fri 1st Jun 2007 16:01 in reply to "update charge"
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So it's Parallels fault that you bought your copy when you did? That's a bit harsh. Maybe you should have did some research and then waited for this release?

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RE: update charge
by binarycrusader on Fri 1st Jun 2007 16:03 in reply to "update charge"
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Unbelievable! I am not happy having to pay an upgrade fee after only having the program barely for five months.

Considering the significant feature addition, I think its reasonable.

Its no more "unbelievable" than Apple's sudden hardware upgrades or any other company's.

I imagine there was a significant investment of labour to implement this functionality.

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RE: update charge
by digitaldisaster on Fri 1st Jun 2007 16:13 in reply to "update charge"
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How do you expect them to pay developers to develop the new version? You either you pay for each version or you pay a Red Hat et al. style service fee that entitles you to updates as long as you are subscribed.
Those of us that bought Parallels before Christmas get free updates for a year...

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v RE: update charge
by shapeshifter on Sat 2nd Jun 2007 07:42 in reply to "update charge"
RE: update charge
by bsharitt on Sat 2nd Jun 2007 11:04 in reply to "update charge"
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I know what you mean, I recently bought the Brood Wars expansion pack for Starcraft, then a week later they announce Starcraft 2?!?!?!? I was disgusted.

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RE[2]: update charge
by broken_symlink on Sat 2nd Jun 2007 15:42 in reply to "update charge"
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"Parallels Inc is offering $10 off the normal upgrade price to existing registered users of Parallels for a week only, bringing the cost down to $US39.99 ($A48.28). After this time, upgrades will cost $49.99 and full licences will cost $79.99. It will give the upgrade away free to customers who purchased Parallels after May 1, 2007."

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