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Syllable, AtheOS Syllable 0.5.7 has been released. You can read the changelog here, and the download locations are here. "The biggest change in this release: everything has been recompiled against the new libc, and we have broken binary compatability through the removal of all the old libgui/libatheos/libsyllable versions. There are also some new drivers, new GUI classes, new bug fixes, and no doubt, new bugs."
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wtf is Syllable
by doug on Sun 28th Aug 2005 21:11 UTC
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state what it is in the description next time

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RE: wtf is Syllable
by DigitalAxis on Sun 28th Aug 2005 23:30 in reply to "wtf is Syllable"
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Syllable is a small (physically, as well) OS based on the one-man AtheOS project, that thanks to Open Source, did not die when the original AtheOS developer lost interest. As I understand it, anyway.

From what I understand, like Linux it aims at POSIX compatability. Syllable seems to be able to use or fairly easily port Linux drivers (maybe because they're FOSS?) Unlike Linux, the more featured version isn't free ($10), and Syllable seems to have a different approach to the whole desktop question.

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RE[2]: wtf is Syllable
by on Sun 28th Aug 2005 23:55 in reply to "RE: wtf is Syllable"
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Syllable doesn't aim for POSIX compatability. At least not 100%. The "More Featured Version" doesn't contain anything you can't download and add to the "Basic" version for free. It is priced at $10 so that you can buy it and support Syllable's development.

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