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OSNews, Generic OSes Parallels is just weeks away from releasing version 3.0 of its Mac virtualisation suite, beating VMWare to an offering with 3D GPU emulation built-in. Parallels says high-end Windows games will now be playable within a virtual machine There are some other features included too, like the ability to associate any file type in Mac OS X to open in a Windows app, and vice versa.
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by cmost on Fri 1st Jun 2007 18:57 UTC
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Just a side commentary... while it's fantastic that 3D support has been added to Parallels (and soon to be added to VMware)I can't help but be amazed that so much effort goes into getting games working on computers. Why are games are so important to people? I grew up in the 80's and have witnessed Atari, Nintendo, Sega Genesis, etc.; all the way up to today's Wii and Super Nintendo released to great fanfare. I can honestly say I never touched a joystick after the Atari / Commodore 64 fell out of vogue. I don't play board games or card games either. I've always found myself too busy with other interests to bother with games.

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RE: Befuddled...
by Johnnybw2 on Fri 1st Jun 2007 19:51 in reply to "Befuddled..."
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Why are games are so important to people?

As the saying goes "there is no work without play". Although i have found that i only play games on consoles these days. I find having a better, more stable os outweighs being able to play games on my pc. Also with consoles i know it will last me 5 years without needing to replace/upgrade it.

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RE: Befuddled...
by polaris20 on Fri 1st Jun 2007 21:19 in reply to "Befuddled..."
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Why do people read books? Watch movies? Watch TV? It's entertainment. It's a hobby. For some, a serious hobby. That's why it is important to get games working on various platforms.

It's important to people, therefore companies are interested because where there's interest, there's potential revenue to be generated.

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RE: Befuddled...
by dagw on Sun 3rd Jun 2007 13:45 in reply to "Befuddled..."
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So just because you aren't interested in something it is completely impossible for you to understand why anybody else would be interested in that thing? The world isn't you, you know.

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