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Apple Apple updated its online stores today and released updated MacBook Pros with speed, storage, ram and graphics improvements. The 15 inch models also benefit from a LED backlit display while the 17 inch adds higher resolution display option.
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RE[11]: 2 GB of RAM...
by Lambda on Wed 6th Jun 2007 05:54 UTC in reply to "RE[10]: 2 GB of RAM..."
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But per cubic inch they are.. Sigh..

A sigh doesn't prove anything

But whatever. My reasons for using a Mac don't have anything to do with their alleged decorative quality. I find it quite condescending from you to suggest so.

You're the one that brought up "design".

By the way: there are as many ways to prove that Macs are cheaper as there are ways to prove they are more expensive than comparatively spec'd PC's. I'm not even going in to this, because my original point was that Apple doesn't charge a so called hardware tax.

Actually, there's only one objective way. And I already know that a similarly equipped Dell is less expensive than the same PC MacBook. That's just fact. I'll pay more to be able to use OSX, but I'm not going to lie to myself and others about what's going on.

The only figure that matters in this debate is if Apple makes absurdly high margins on their hardware they obviously charge a "hardware tax", well they don't. (though they make good money).

You pay more for the hardware in order to have the pleasure to use OSX. There's nothing wrong with that, but let's be honest.

I agree that Apple hardware might be somewhat more expensive (they don't [want to] compete on the low end) , but I dare you to find me a PC notebook with similar specs and price as the new MBP's.

If we're just talking hardware, then Dell will beat Apple everyday by a large margin. I'm not talking Dell list price here.

Listen, coming from a Unix background, I like OSX. It gives me something that Linux (Gnome/KDE) will never be able to do. But I'm not entering the reality distortion field just because I use OSX.

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RE[12]: 2 GB of RAM...
by Jules on Wed 6th Jun 2007 06:32 in reply to "RE[11]: 2 GB of RAM..."
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You know as well an anyone that Apple's notebooks are thinner than any other. Hence the "more features per cubic inch". What's there to prove?

Considering "design". In my native language (dutch) the word means slightly more than just good looks, it also means better function beacuse of choices made by Apple other than what hardware has been picked from Intel's and Nvidea's the shelves.

You are forgetting TCO. As far as I know that's one of the other 'objective' ways.

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RE[13]: 2 GB of RAM...
by Lambda on Wed 6th Jun 2007 09:44 in reply to "RE[12]: 2 GB of RAM..."
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And you still fail to consider objective measurements. Hint - factor in OSX and you might have a chance.

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