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Debian and its clones FreeSoftwareMagazine takes a look at Debian as a desktop system, and they conclude: "I feel that Debian Etch is as good on the desktop as it is on the server. It has a long rich history, a strong community, is amazingly stable and is a great fit for both my servers and my laptop. I urge everyone to give it a go on the desktop."
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RE: no multimedia though:-)
by leech on Wed 6th Jun 2007 14:25 UTC in reply to "no multimedia though:-)"
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I had been running AMD64 Debian Sid for quite awhile (I'm currently giving Fedora 7 a run for it's money, for some things I like it better (seems to have more games, etc packaged, especially xu4 (love Ultima 4)) and I had no problems getting all multimedia stuff working within a short period of time.

nspluginwrapper is what you need for flash, works flawlessly. Java web plugin works with the gcj version (though it's now quite as full-featured as Sun's so your mileage may vary). Skype you just need to --force-architecture. Also, I just snagged the ffmpeg from and it supports wmv, wma, etc. I still don't have support for those under Fedora either (for some reason the one package of win32codecs I tried to install in it, wouldn't compile the package, and kept giving me an error. Not too familiar with rpms though, except the fact that usually they're slow and the db would get corrupted, but Fedora 7 so far has fixed the first issue.)

I really love Debian though. I think really the only thing so far that is keeping me playing with Fedora for more than a day or two is it seems to have some more packages made for it (as previously stated) Though I think I'll start working around getting some rpms converted to .debs ;)

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