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Internet & Networking "Tired of all the ads on AIM? Want access to more services than just Yahoo!? There are lots of IM client choices besides the big three - AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, and Windows Live Messenger (formerly MSN Messenger). The software we examine here lets you hook into any of these three services, and usually more besides, like Jabber. Not all of these applications will offer all of the features you'll find on the big guys - video and voice chat come to mind - but most of them do a good job of unobtrusively keeping you in contact with your comrades."
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I love Miranda.
by jrronimo on Thu 7th Jun 2007 17:43 UTC
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I've been using Miranda IM ( ) for quite a while now. It's a HUGE pain in the rear to configure exactly how you want it, but once you do it's an amazing little guy. Plus, it's completely transportable, so it's the perfect flash-drive app.

As for webcams in Miranda, Meebo, I don't know... I doubt it, though.

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RE: I love Miranda.
by hobgoblin on Thu 7th Jun 2007 18:47 in reply to "I love Miranda."
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well miranda has a webcam framework in place, but the legality of the msn webcam code thats out there, and that its using vlc for some basics makes people on the miranda forum less then enthusiastic about working on that final step.

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RE: I love Miranda.
by shykid on Thu 7th Jun 2007 20:04 in reply to "I love Miranda."
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It's a HUGE pain in the rear to configure exactly how you want it

Oh god, yes. That's what kept me away from it for a long time, but I recently downloaded Mir4nda IM Pack, one of the Miranda 'distributions' that comes with all of the plugins you need to make it decent. I wasn't a big fan of Mir4nda, but it provided me with a handy selection of plugins to copy to a vanilla copy of Miranda, and now I am a happy Miranda IM convert. ;)

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