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ReactOS "Alex Ionescu, the ReactOS kernel coordinator, has resigned. Alex first joined the project in 2004, around the 0.2.2 release. Since then, he's been at the center of quite a few squabbles about how to code the kernel. However, Alex has also been responsible for completely rewriting the kernel almost from the ground up. Today, about 60% of the kernel code is probably his. The reason for Alex's departure is because of his joining David Solomon's Expert Seminars as an instructor. Because this job would place him in close contact with many Microsoft programmers and also give him access to other Microsoft properties, continuing with the project would have resulted in possible conflicts of interest."
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by Chuck Norris on Fri 8th Jun 2007 10:31 UTC in reply to "WIN32"
Chuck Norris
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It doesn't care if ReactOS never will be more than a toy OS.

Oh yes it does. Imagine 10 years from now, you go to CompUSA and see on the same shelf Windows priced at $699 and Reactos priced at $19, with the same features.

Wine is the important thing because with it linux, solaris and other free OSes can run win32 applications.

Yes, Wine is a fundamental part of Reactos.

People don't use or like windows.

I think you need to get down from your cloud. People do like Windows and have pleasure using it. Probably not developers, but people in general do like Windows, Windows Internet Explorer and Windows Live Messenger. The old days of Windows 98 crashing are long over. My kids always reboot into Windows XP when they want to use the computer and when it's running Ubuntu.

They use windows only to run their win32 apps.

Yep, so do Linux users. They use Linux to run Linux applications. So do Mac users, they use their Mac to run their favorite applications. Makes sense.

If wine permits them to use linux or any other free OS, windows will ruin.

It's beens years that you can find all material to download a user-friendly Linux version, to install Wine in a few commands, and to follow to install popular Win32 apps on Linux in a stable and free environment. What's the status? Is everybody using Wine in their offices and at home? Has Windows disappeared?

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