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Windows "In "Windows Vista: more than just a pretty face," we began our extensive assessment of Windows Vista with a focus on the changes to the graphical framework of Windows. We also talked about improvements to the general Windows API, the media foundation, and improvements in sound. In what follows, we look at three remaining areas of major improvement for Vista: security, networking, and storage. At the end, we present the first round of our criticisms of the new OS. In the coming weeks, we will unveil our performance-oriented examination of the OS."
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RE[3]: Good article
by orfanum on Fri 8th Jun 2007 12:30 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Good article"
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A Hitler: "Gott mit uns"
More at:

Joe Stalin was not above using the Orthodox Church (and the Orthodox Church stooped low enough to be used) in order to promote 'patriotic fervour'

Why not just be descriptive and neutral and use 'fanatic'/'fanatical'

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RE[4]: Good article
by orfanum on Sat 9th Jun 2007 21:32 in reply to "RE[3]: Good article"
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Since no-one has bothered with an actual rejoinder, and given that the same thing has already been said in this thread (with apparent impunity and albeit without references) I will have to reply to myself, sad though this is.

As Kurt Vonnegut used to say "Read history, and weep": - I know it might offend some to realise how their religious have connived actively with the worst of the worst, but hey, I don't exactly make this stuff up - it happened.

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