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Microsoft In its second such agreement this week, Microsoft has struck a deal under which it will extend amnesty to a company that's using what the software maker claims is patented Microsoft intellectual property embedded in the open source Linux computer operating system. Under a deal with LG Electronics, disclosed late Wednesday, Microsoft will forgo any Linux-related patent claims against the South Korean electronics manufacturer. In return, Microsoft will gain access to certain intellectual property produced by LG.
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RE[2]: Remarkable
by Thom_Holwerda on Fri 8th Jun 2007 15:23 UTC in reply to "RE: Remarkable"
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It seems absurd for LG to surrender some of their intellectual property to MS simply because MS make unproven accusations about their patents.

That's my point. All I can think of is that the patent claim actualy *shock gasp horror* holds any water.

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RE[3]: Remarkable
by AlexandreAM on Fri 8th Jun 2007 15:46 in reply to "RE[2]: Remarkable"
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That's exactly what I was thinking: what if MS is actually showing these companies what they're talking about ? It would surely bring more credibility to their claims -- if the claims are valid ayways.

On the other hand, what if MS is just somehow getting those companies to agree, in order to get the rest of the IT world thinking just like the above conclusion ?

Things are messy. Really messy, these days... and I can't still find any reliable source about how software patent laws apply here in Brazil. Anyone have a clue?

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RE[3]: Remarkable
by Laurence on Fri 8th Jun 2007 15:53 in reply to "RE[2]: Remarkable"
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That's my point. All I can think of is that the patent claim actualy *shock gasp horror* holds any water.

I do see where you are coming from and if thats the case then MS have a *cunning tactic there (basically picking companies out one by one and scare them sh*tless until everyone follows suit). They'll gain more this way than a long and expensive, yet legitimate court battle.

* I say 'cunning' but what I really mean is 'evil'.

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RE[3]: Remarkable
by ubit on Fri 8th Jun 2007 18:33 in reply to "RE[2]: Remarkable"
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MS pays these companies much more than they give MS in royalties (for now, anyways...) though. You rally have to wonder why they would give up all their patents to a vicious competitor just for a few hundred million though. Perhaps just greedy and thinking in the short term blip on their financial statements?

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RE[3]: Remarkable
by Beta on Fri 8th Jun 2007 20:00 in reply to "RE[2]: Remarkable"
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"All I can think of is that the patent claim actualy *shock gasp horror* holds any water."

You're not trying nearly hard enough.

Being businesses, what's the downside for them agreeing to this deal? None, apart from some "minor GPL problems".

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