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Microsoft In its second such agreement this week, Microsoft has struck a deal under which it will extend amnesty to a company that's using what the software maker claims is patented Microsoft intellectual property embedded in the open source Linux computer operating system. Under a deal with LG Electronics, disclosed late Wednesday, Microsoft will forgo any Linux-related patent claims against the South Korean electronics manufacturer. In return, Microsoft will gain access to certain intellectual property produced by LG.
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by moleskine on Fri 8th Jun 2007 15:56 UTC
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Ironically, LG Electronics is a member of a group called the Consumer Electronics Linux Forum. The group comprises a number of electronics manufacturers that embed Linux into their products. On its Web site, CELF says part of its mission is "to operate completely within the letter and the spirit of the open source community."

You have to laugh. Probably, there will be plenty more deals like this one. My impression is that many of the Far Eastern tech outfits are fabulously corrupt and will sign up to almost anything if the price is right.

I suppose the results depend on how paranoid you want to be. My feeling is that Microsoft is borrowing Roman siege tactics and is using these agreements like a long wall to stealthily encircle their opponents. Then they'll have the few non-signers - Red Hat and Ubuntu, e.g. - where they want them, trapped (supposedly). The rest of the world - the signers - will be "persuaded" to turn the taps of Linux compatibility, drivers and features on or off as Microsoft dictates. Linux won't be shut down, just turned into a captive plaything fenced off by hordes of MS lawyers.

Just remember, it takes two to play this game. Microsoft's tactics may be shameful but that hasn't stop three outfits, now, from shaking hands and taking the money.

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by l3v1 on Fri 8th Jun 2007 20:23 in reply to "Haha"
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many of the Far Eastern tech outfits are fabulously corrupt and will sign up to almost anything if the price is right

Oh, you really don't have to go that far.

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