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Ion author going closed source after Ion3
by bugnotme on Fri 8th Jun 2007 22:32 UTC
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Ion author says he is fed up with free software community, objects to patched Ion versions being called Ion and trying to prevent such naming by threatening to use his trademark. Says he is going closed source after Ion3 and is abandoning Gnu/Linux.

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poundsmack Member since:

Snap! if he really feels that way why not just scrap the whole thing right now. why even bothing any patches and so on.

While I have no idea what he has been through, he doesnt seem to be taking it very well. Its a shame to since i rather like Ion3

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zizban Member since:

A wee bit bitter, aint we? (the author of Ion)

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rx182 Member since:

I like that dude for one reason: he hates XFT/fontconfig just like me ;-)

Just kidding. Honestly, that guy is just obsessed by the name Ion(3). He's a bit power-hungry too. Maybe he has a big developer ego and doesn't want other people to "ruin" his work. Seriously, he's hard to follow!

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Bjoern Member since:

What's really funny about it is that, if you go to his blog, you will find a number of rants against any kind of property rights, including statements that he does not respect the copyright of others. But when it comes to his own work...

It really is a shame though. Ion3 is certainly the best window manager I have ever used. I find it easier to handle a lot of windows in Ion than in the dynamic tiling wms (wmii/dwm etc.), and it certainly has the traditional WIMP-style wms beat, hands down.

I hope someone forks it and continues development when the original author stops.

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spikeb Member since:

sweet, an asshole developer.

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helf Member since:

thats a new one! I haven't know /any/ asshole developers!

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Almindor Member since:

Just ignore him, take latest opensource version and continue with name gIon for example.. that simple. If he's right, there won't be any such. If he's wrong there will be. It's that simple with opensource. The right guy wins.

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n1xt3r Member since:

"I would contend that there is no trademark violation, as permission for minor modifications to the source of Ion3 is implied by distributing the source."

I thought it was understood that if you modify someone's GPL'ed source, you either a) submit it back to the original author for acceptance b) fork the code or c) keep it for private/internal use. In this respect, Tuomo's anger seems justified. It's a pity that he feels he needs to lash out when the solution is simple. Politely ask your offender to rename their project. I would also think he has a case for GPL violation, but as I said earlier, I thought respect was understood.

Respect the author, respect the code.
Full disclosure: I'm a fan of Ion3.

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bugnotme Member since:

Apparently you do not understand software freedom in general or the GPL in particular. Freedom means not having to ask the author's permission.

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Tuishimi Member since:

I don't blame him for being mad about the incorrect use of the product name. Someone changed a core chunk of ion3, then called the package ion3 and RENAMED THE ORIGINAL as something else.

That's just wrong. Everyone knows that you don't name your forked, largely modified code as the orignal, and rename the original code (except perhaps in the case of the mozilla project ;) ... It should have been called something else. The ion3 author even said he could USE the ion3 name in it, but to differentiate it somehow...

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axel Member since:

except it wasn't a fork, it was a patch.
And it wasn't even a patched version, it was a PKGBUILD, which is just a set of instructions that tells makepkg how to build a program.
It was freaking instructions to patch Ion3. And it was in the AUR (which states it's unsupported), and listed as unsupported on top of that, and only shows up if you search for it from the AUR website.
If you actually typed pacman -S ion3 you got an up to date unpatched version of ion3 from the official repos.

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