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AMD "Last week we had published The Truth About ATI/AMD & Linux, and to no real surprise, the feedback ranged from beliefs that it was propaganda to others being grateful that AMD finally shared some additional information with their Linux customers about the fglrx development cycle. While the article was far from being propaganda, what had outraged a number of open-source developers were AMD's comments on the R200 support or there the lack of. In this article, we have a few additional comments to share along with what some open-source developers had to say about AMD's information."
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RE[2]: no surprises
by leech on Sat 9th Jun 2007 13:31 UTC in reply to "RE: no surprises"
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Exactly what I was thinking. Just like OpenGL is an API, it tells the video card what to do, and from there the video card processes it. Isn't that what the P word is for in GPU?

And damned if the video card manufacturers would have to actually compete on merits of better internal architecture on their cards rather than "my drivers are more stable than yours."

The world of software would simply be better if they could release the specifications. Imagine an open source driver for windows as well (personally I think ATI and nVidia's drivers kind of suck under it as well, damn Matrox for leaving the video card industry.)

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