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ReactOS "Alex Ionescu, the ReactOS kernel coordinator, has resigned. Alex first joined the project in 2004, around the 0.2.2 release. Since then, he's been at the center of quite a few squabbles about how to code the kernel. However, Alex has also been responsible for completely rewriting the kernel almost from the ground up. Today, about 60% of the kernel code is probably his. The reason for Alex's departure is because of his joining David Solomon's Expert Seminars as an instructor. Because this job would place him in close contact with many Microsoft programmers and also give him access to other Microsoft properties, continuing with the project would have resulted in possible conflicts of interest."
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> There is interesting differences between some
> fundamental APIs in Windows and in UNIX, some of
> which I suspect Microsoft deliberately put in to
> make porting away from Windows more difficult.

Not defending MS (whose tactics could certainly include a "trap" as you describe), but Windows' version of send is actually more intuitive to a developer, so the reason for this difference could as well be the decision to make it as easy for application developers as possible (which is IMO a sensible goal, as it results in higher-quality applications, increasing the overall quality of the whole platform).

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