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Legal Internet search leader Google is trying to convince federal and state authorities that Microsoft's Vista operating system is stifling competition as the high-tech heavyweights wrestle for the allegiance of personal computer users. In a 49-page document filed April 18 with the U.S. Justice Department and state attorneys general, Google alleged that the latest version of Microsoft's Windows operating system impairs the performance of 'desktop search' programs that find data stored on a computer's hard drive. Besides bogging down competing programs, Google alleged Microsoft had made it too complicated to turn off the desktop search feature built into Vista.
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about Microsofts monoply
by markoweb on Wed 13th Jun 2007 05:26 UTC
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Microsoft is a monopoly and thus certain rules do apply. For example - you must not force ISP-s to sell PC-s with windows only (I'm quite ammaized that no one has brought that to court yet...), you must adhere to standards (hopefully IE8 will get us there), you must not under price your products, you must not fully integrate function X with product Y (for example WinXP -> remove Windows Messenger and you can't use Remote Assistance any more) etc.

But forcing Microsoft to drop their Media Player or Windows Messenger, forcing default behaviour (for example IE7 "MUST" ask which search engine do you want to use, although nice, but the fact that it's forced upon MS is insane) or open up their product protocols (Outlook-Exchange) is just ridiculous.

In any case, people also need to understand that MS is pretty much a monopoly of choice. People choose to buy MS products, they can choose alternatives. Thus certain rules which apply to other types of monopolies do not apply to MS (I'm talking about EU dictating the price for MS protocols)...

Now about the current thread. The only valid issue google might have is that which search engine returns results for the start menu and explorer text-boxes. But I was under the imperssion that MS does have API-s for that, I mean if you can turn off windows indexing via an API you should also be able to provide a complete substitute for that service, right?

In my mind google has lost all it's credibility as an honest company. But hey, that's life, money changes people. The moment you actually have enough money, it seems that you never have "enough" of it, always need to make more and more. But there is a ceiling to the amount of money one can aquire!!

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