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GNU, GPL, Open Source Linux leader Linus Torvalds has finally found something that could convince him that the forthcoming version 3 of the General Public License is worth adopting: open-source Solaris. "If Sun really is going to release OpenSolaris under GPL 3, that may be a good reason" to move Linux to the new license, Torvalds said in a posting to the Linux kernel mailing list on Monday. "I don't think the GPL 3 is as good a license as 2, but on the other hand, I'm pragmatic, and if we can avoid having two kernels with two different licenses and the friction that causes, I at least see the reason for GPLv3."
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There's One Problem Though...
by Simba on Wed 13th Jun 2007 11:00 UTC
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There is one problem with this though. It's unlikely that Linux can move to GPL 3 even if Linus wants it too. Because remember, that Linus put a clause in the GPL 2 that Linux uses that excluses the "or at your option, any future version of this license". In otherwords, unlike the normal GPL 2, Linux code, cannot automatically update to GPL 3. Updating Linux to GPL 3 will require the explicit permission of anyone who has ever contributed code to the Linux kernel. Overall, it would be logistical nightmare trying to move Linux to GPL 3.

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That's not completely right. Many parts of the Linux kernel are licensed GPL v2 or later, but not all. Still, nobody said that moving a project like the Linux kernel to a new license woule be easy. And while I prefer the GPL v3 over v2, I have no problem with Linux staying GPL v2 for now.

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And it's not like it's urgent for Linux to upgrade to GPLv3, even if the licence is applied to Solaris. They've lived without Solaris code for this long, I think they'd be able to survive until the GPLv2/only parts have been gradually exchanged for new code, or changed to GPLv2/later.

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