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Linux I have so much to thank Bill Gates for: introducing me to the baffling joys of consumer computing with Windows 95; teaching me the meaning of fear and dread with Windows 98; leading me to the sunlit uplands of Windows XP; getting me out of Microsoft altogether with the arrival of Vista. I hardly know where to start. And if I hadn't flown into a high-minded anti-Microsoft, down-with-Bill-Gates fury at the start of this year, would I ever have stumbled upon ZenWalk? I doubt it.
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RE[3]: Terrible Article
by rexstuff on Wed 13th Jun 2007 16:40 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Terrible Article"
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No, you're being modded down because you missed the point. (At least, I hope that's why you're being modded down). Furthermore, you make sweeping and obviously untrue statements; if there is any Microsoft bashing, it is in but a single paragraph not the 'First 3 paragraphs'. By my eye, the second paragraph is more critical of Linux than anything else.

To complain that Linux is unstable because you do unstable things doesn't seem to do you much credit, either. I've been playing with Mandriva One, which was completely stable until I started screwing with the Kernel and drivers. This is my own fault, I chose to take a working product and mess with it. If you try to mod your iPod, and in the process you break it, is this Apple's fault?

Criticism should be welcomed, but only if it's intelligent.

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RE[4]: Terrible Article
by TaterSalad on Wed 13th Jun 2007 16:49 in reply to "RE[3]: Terrible Article"
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And you missed my point. Blatantly bashing Microsoft had no purpose. Like I said, he could have started with saying "ZenWalk is a linux distro that does this for me and this is why I am using it". Then I was criticized for sharing my own experiences. I never said it was unstable, I said an update caused a working machine to fail.

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RE[5]: Terrible Article
by ThawkTH on Wed 13th Jun 2007 20:29 in reply to "RE[4]: Terrible Article"
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This isn't even a review. He doesn't owe us anything. Why should he explain his issues with MS?

Frankly, if he doesn't want to tell us, it's not really our business is it?

Point is, he dislikes Microsoft (if he left that part out somebody would be whining that he was far too biased and wasn't upfront about his feelings). He had issues. He heard Linux was a proposed solution. Had bad Suse experience.

Tried Zen, really loves it. Gave us, from a normal user perspective, excellent reasons as to why.

...Some people are never happy.

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RE[4]: Terrible Article
by dagw on Wed 13th Jun 2007 16:57 in reply to "RE[3]: Terrible Article"
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No, you're being modded down because you missed the point.

I realize this is off topic, but there is no "missed the point" mod option, just like there isn't any "just plain wrong" option. So as such people shouldn't be modded down for these reasons.

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