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Linux I have so much to thank Bill Gates for: introducing me to the baffling joys of consumer computing with Windows 95; teaching me the meaning of fear and dread with Windows 98; leading me to the sunlit uplands of Windows XP; getting me out of Microsoft altogether with the arrival of Vista. I hardly know where to start. And if I hadn't flown into a high-minded anti-Microsoft, down-with-Bill-Gates fury at the start of this year, would I ever have stumbled upon ZenWalk? I doubt it.
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Worrying a bit
by h3rman on Wed 13th Jun 2007 19:06 UTC
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Nice to see someone enjoying Zenwalk.
But I start to worry a bit when I read this:

This then helps me rationalize my Linux ineptitude: the fact that I still can't get a tarball to come out right; that I'm fingers and thumbs the moment a terminal opens up; that I am never, ever going to compile a program. I am old; I am lazy.

I'm not saying that the author is stupid. I understand him (I think), being lazy myself.

However, I feel it's more about fear than anything else. Working with tarballs, compiling programs, typing a bit in the CLI, it's all *not* difficult at all. All it takes is a little bit of time, but that investment is paid back tenfold. Usually, all you have to do is read a README file (which you may even skip) and an INSTALL file.

It's a pity that, apparently, even a Slackware-based distro is not able to inspire its users to educate themselves to do *some* things the Unix way. Which gives so much more power to the user.
It's understandable, though.

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RE: Worrying a bit
by DigitalAxis on Thu 14th Jun 2007 03:24 in reply to "Worrying a bit"
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Well, in certain cases it's easier than others.

On Gentoo, I could easily just compile all these things, because installing programs on Gentoo required having all the necessary header/source files to compile dependent programs; on the rare occasions in Kubuntu where I've tried to compile my own stuff I've had to grab the required development packages, which has generally required trial and error running ./configure.

It's a different perspective. Gentoo, SourceMage, and Arch (I think) are designed with compile- (if not source-)-level tweaking in mind; SuSE, Red Hat, K/X/Ubuntu and Zenwalk simply aren't meant to be used that way.


In the same fashion, I nearly broke MY Ubuntu trying to install a custom kernel on it; I gave up when I realized I'd have to go outside the package manager for so many automatically-installed things (nVidia drivers in particular) to make it work, that I'd start missing security updates, automatic upgrades, and things WOULD break sooner than later.

That was shortly after I switched from Gentoo; once I realized Xubuntu didn't work that way I was a happier man.

It sounds like this guy is happier, too. With Zenwalk, he may have a harder time compiling his own packages, but at the same time he won't NEED to bother with that. No, it's not THAT difficult, but when is it going to come up?

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RE: Worrying a bit
by Spellcheck on Fri 15th Jun 2007 06:18 in reply to "Worrying a bit"
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Yes, it's fear: fear that something will go wrong.

And even if you _can_ untar a file and run ./configure and the rest, then what happens when it doesn't work? Fear, that's what.

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