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Legal Internet search leader Google is trying to convince federal and state authorities that Microsoft's Vista operating system is stifling competition as the high-tech heavyweights wrestle for the allegiance of personal computer users. In a 49-page document filed April 18 with the U.S. Justice Department and state attorneys general, Google alleged that the latest version of Microsoft's Windows operating system impairs the performance of 'desktop search' programs that find data stored on a computer's hard drive. Besides bogging down competing programs, Google alleged Microsoft had made it too complicated to turn off the desktop search feature built into Vista.
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Don T. Bothers
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"What version of History are you on. There have been poor versions of most products, Microsoft ME & DOS 4 & Vista to name a few. Although most of your have been destroyed by Microsoft's bundling; perverting of standards. "

I am on the real version of history. Regarding Netscape, back in the days, it owned 99% of the market. Even though Internet Explorer 2 and 3 came prebundled on all Windows machines, the majority of people did not even know what it does nor even bothered to load it up. It was very standard to download it and use it. That's what I always did. However, having it randomly crash really crashed the parade and made people actively look for an alternative. After dealing with it crashing so much, I actually went out looking for the alternative. And the simple fact is that Internet Explorer 4 was light years ahead of Netscape in usability and stability. That is why people switched and that is why Netscape died.

Regarding Java, Sun was so busy bashing and suing Microsoft, they weren't paying much attention to what they were doing with their business. The simple truth is that instead of paying attention to what Microsoft was doing, they really could have been the company that ran the internet. If they had the vision and had opensourced Solaris and Java back in '98, 99% of the servers on the internet will be running Java. The community would have hacked Java and had made it do all the interesting things that languages like Ruby, PHP, Perl, and Python are doing today. Furtheremore, the community would have hacked Solaris into a far more powerful and useful OS. Heck, all the big name internet companies you hear nowadays about would have been running Solaris rather than FreeBSD or Linux. And the saddest thing is that most likely we would even have had a much more interesting internet experience rather than one of mostly static web experience we get nowadays.

Don't even get me started on the REAL Player. The market was so desperate for a good media player, they actually ran to this crappy player. And what did the market get? Nothing but even crappier versions with tons of spam advertisement. The company lacked any type of taste and would have done a whole lot better if they had come up with a business model similar to Google and Itunes.

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