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Slackware, Slax Patrick J. Volkerding announced the first release candidate of Slackware 12 in the current changelog. This will be the first Slackware release with a kernel from the 2.6 tree ( as default. "It's that time again, and here we have Slackware 12.0 release candidate 1! If we're lucky, we got it all right the first time. Big thanks to the crew."
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by spikeb on Sun 17th Jun 2007 15:15 UTC
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wish it had gnome.

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RE: beh
by morphalus on Sun 17th Jun 2007 17:43 in reply to "beh"
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No gnome in slackware. Too dependencies for Volkderding but there are projects that package GNOME for slack.

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by daemonologist on Mon 18th Jun 2007 08:57 in reply to "beh"
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Or you can just compile your own Gnome. This should be a bit easier on Slackware than on some tightly integrated distro. I remember the time when I compiled Gnome 1.x from source (sources downloaded using dial-up line of course)! But then again, I have returned back to FVWM...

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RE: Gnome
by gavin.mccord on Mon 18th Jun 2007 16:56 in reply to "Gnome"
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Heh, taking a day to download, several hours to fail to compile, waiting a week to try the next release.

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RE: beh
by gilboa on Wed 20th Jun 2007 12:41 in reply to "beh"
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There are a number of GNOME for Slackware projects.

My favorite is dropline GNOME [1], but a friend of mine is using rock [2] and it worked just fine. (AFAIK rock is not longer supported.)

- Gilboa

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