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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "There's a rumour circulating that Ubuntu is in discussions with Microsoft aimed at an agreement along the lines they have concluded recently with Linspire, Xandros, Novell, etc. For the record, let me state my position, and I think this is also roughly the position of Canonical and the Ubuntu Community Council though I haven't caucused with the CC on this specifically. We have declined to discuss any agreement with Microsoft under the threat of unspecified patent infringements."
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RE[2]: M$ patents
by prymitive on Sun 17th Jun 2007 21:43 UTC in reply to "RE: M$ patents"
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Sometimes few $ in Your hand are better than reputation and credibility, specially when it does not turn into income and You got employee's to pay.
Nobody really knows if those claims are real or not, and we will keep wondering until MS finally tell us what they are. The thing is that they would be a joke if everyone would laugh about it, but now we got few companies who not only aren't laughing but they also are singing deals which protect them from those claims, this will make others to start looking at the whole thing more seriously. If MS wanted to make those claims be taken seriously without revealing details this sure is a good way.

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RE[3]: M$ patents
by flanque on Sun 17th Jun 2007 21:48 in reply to "RE[2]: M$ patents"
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These companies aren't full of uneducated fools.

To my mind there has to be some substance to Microsoft's claims, otherwise why would they sign? It's not as though Microsoft are going to just walk in at 9:00am on the very first day and be out of there by 10:00am with a signed agreement. The likes of Novell etc would have had time to consider the arguments and claims.

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RE[4]: M$ patents
by prymitive on Sun 17th Jun 2007 21:54 in reply to "RE[3]: M$ patents"
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Sure they are not stupid, as I said there is either some validity behind those claims or they are getting something else out of this, like money. They did not sign it just to be in news.

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RE[4]: M$ patents
by fsckit on Sun 17th Jun 2007 22:12 in reply to "RE[3]: M$ patents"
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Congratulations. That's exactly what Microsoft wants you and every other potential Linux enterprise customer to believe. You're right though, they're not uneducated fools. They're uneducated, now a bit richer, tools.

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RE[5]: M$ patents
by jstead1 on Mon 18th Jun 2007 14:44 in reply to "RE[3]: M$ patents"
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MS paid them to not be sued by MS for patent infringement. MS didn't get much tangible in return. (You could argue Novell's reciprical patent protection, but Xandros?, Linspire?, no way.) What they did accomplish is to spread divisiveness, and FUD. I imagine this was their goal. They were very successful.

I will go on the record right now, even though I do not have my own linux distro (or perhaps because I do not), that if MS wishes to pay me large sums of money to agree that they will not sue me for patent violations, I accept.

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RE[4]: M$ patents
by Lettherebemorelight on Tue 19th Jun 2007 10:11 in reply to "RE[3]: M$ patents"
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otherwise why would they sign?

Here is a recent example of the tactics microsoft will use to get what they want (lobbying slash bribery to alter NY state election law to quickly summarize the link below).

If microsoft can throw money at some politicans and get them to go against the best interests of their constituents, I think its safe to say it is in the realm of possibility that they could do the same to a CEO here and there.

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