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Internet & Networking "For the purpose of this article, just like the first one, a WebOS is defined as virtual operating system that runs in a web browser environement. Don't like WebOS? Well, call it OnlineOS, or WebTop if you like. So, here is a review of another 10 functional WebOS', as well as some additional similar services which show promise but aren't launched or fully realized yet." More here.
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by gonzalo on Mon 18th Jun 2007 08:51 UTC
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(Oh, yes, I read it)

Looks like this blog entry mixes some very different stuff under the name WebOS. I mean, whatever your opinion on the concept or the viability of this "WebOS" thingie, there's got to be at least a minimum criteria when writing about something (imho).

There's a couple of systems in the blog entry which do indeed fit in the general concept of "WebOS". But then there's 3 or 4 which are full remote desktops on Linux or Windows, through NX or Terminal Server, in an applet. And there's also Dekoh which, turns out, is absolutely not a WebOS. You download and install the software and run it to "share your media".

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