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Hardware, Embedded Systems "Although USB connectors in monitors appeared many years ago, they have performed only secondary functions all this time. However, now Samsung offers an LCD monitor that is connected to the PC via the USB bus and can work without a graphics card."
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RE[2]: No good
by ecko on Mon 18th Jun 2007 19:18 UTC in reply to "RE: No good"
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not necessarily, because I think that computer still needs the video card to do all the processing (I didn't read the article so please don't RTFA me ;-)) and driver just 'intercepts' already processed images from the output of the video card and passes it onto USB port and then to the monitor. If the computer itself didn't have video card you probably wouldn't be able to start the GUI as it depends on video device availability. The only difference with using the USB-based monitor is that the video card itself no longer needs to provide D-Sub or DVI connectors but it still must be present to perform all the drawing.

Seriously don't comment if you don't read. People like you are ruining this site which is supposed to be discussing the technical merits of such things. You couldn't be more wrong so next time please read the f--king article or just don't bother commenting.

That said I think this is a pretty cool idea. Technically now we could have a fully funcioning PC with just a USB controller and no VGA at all. CPUs are already plenty fast enough to do the drawing on their own so this could help usher in a new brand of affordable computing, especially for the developing world.

Moving complexity into software is always a good thing in terms of lowering cost. Especially now with machines with 2+ cores becoming very common, why can't one core do the basic drawing.

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