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SuSE, openSUSE Novell has shipped the first service pack for SUSE Linux Enterprise 10. "Novell today announced that the first service pack for SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 is now available to customers worldwide. Featuring significant enhancements in virtualization, high-performance computing, security, interoperability and system management, SUSE Linux Enterprise 10 SP1 from Novell lets organizations take advantage of the latest technical advances in the best-engineered, lowest-cost and most-interoperable platform for mission-critical computing."
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by IanSVT on Tue 19th Jun 2007 12:17 UTC
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This release is the basis for Open Enterprise Server 2 which includes a para-virtualized instance of NetWare. For Novell, this release needs to be solid so many of the NetWare shops out there will finally take leap...even if it's still a virtual NetWare.

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by segedunum on Tue 19th Jun 2007 14:20 in reply to "OES2"
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For Novell, this release needs to be solid so many of the NetWare shops out there will finally take leap...even if it's still a virtual NetWare.

By all accounts, few are going to make that leap. From the people I speak to running Netware, and some of the regulars posting on Novell's blogs and forums, that's something they're not keen on doing. Current Netware customers just don't know why on Earth they should be massively inconvenienced by having to install a somewhat half-baked version of Linux in OES just so they can virtualise Netware on it and continue working the same way they have been doing for years for ZERO benefit. Virtualisation just increases the risks of things to go wrong with no appreciable benefit for these people - despite the hype Novell has attached to it. Novell is just killing their flagship product that brings in the money, and that sends out a bad signal to people.

Novell have failed to sell this to their existing customers, and make it easy and painless. They STILL haven't ported Netware services to a Linux environment and kernel. They have failed to create a seamless plan for moving Netware -> Linux, failed to create straightforward compatibility tools, failed to create quality documentation on moving, failed to sell any real benefits of virtualising Netware to their existing customers if that is their direction, failed to provide easy tools for migrating existing Netware to virtualised Netware and failed to provide sweeteners that would really have helped such as good quality graphical tools. By quality graphical tools I'm talking about stuff that would have been good enough to make a Windows administrator look over the shoulder of a Netware guy and mutter "Bugger".

You see, despite the talk about Linux, Novell's biggest trouble is that they're hemorrhaging Netware customers and money far, far faster than they're gaining any Linux ones - and they're losing them to Microsoft and Windows Server on the whole. Yes, that company they did a deal with ;-). If people are using Active Directory, why do people need Novell? They're just simply not giving their existing customers cast-iron reasons why they should stay with Novell and then build their Linux and other businesses from there.

All that should have been started in earnest as soon as Novell bought Suse, because this was a long-term process started long before then that Linux was supposed to solve. However, Novell didn't understand Linux or open source software from the top down at board and management level. When they bought Suse they simply thought they'd bought Linux...and that was it.

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RE[2]: OES2
by IanSVT on Tue 19th Jun 2007 14:41 in reply to "RE: OES2"
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How about the benefit of being able to use Linux device drivers? Or how about being able to use more third party software? I think Novell forum users and bloggers would all agree, albeit grudgingly, that there aren't many people lining up to write drivers or NLMs for NetWare. How many server hardware vendors are support NetWare these days? How about Linux?

They have ported NetWare servers to OES Linux. NSS, NCP, eDirectory. They had this in place years ago when OES Linux was first released. This did start this process when they purchased Suse, despite your claim otherwise. However, getting everything to a production quality level has taken a long time and a lot of work. Do you think their engineers have been sitting around scratching themselves this whole time?

This brings me back to my point. OES2 needs to be of a high quality to give people the avenue to finally move with some confidence. Apparently, part of the release will be some good migration tools.

I read like a major Novell apologist here. To lend some objectivity to my point of view, I believe Novell has flubbed some things with OES Linux. However, like I said, this release needs to be the reason to finally make the move. I know it's going to be the make it or break it release for my organization.

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