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In the News Pocket Informant is one of the most successful PDA applications ever. However, it has not been immune to software piracy. The CEO of WebIS posted an open letter explaining how software piracy is hurting the industry, but also the consumer too and especially small software houses like his.
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RE[5]: Reason for piracy
by plague on Wed 20th Jun 2007 08:31 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Reason for piracy"
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And about that supposed compatibility, Vista is seriously crippled in that area.
For example, DVD apps and burning apps (Nero comes to mind), did not work at all in the beginning and had to be patched in order to work. Too bad I hate the bloated Nero 7+ (where they included even the kitchen sink), since that's the only version that works now.

Same with 3DMark and PCMark.
Same with alot of software.

If software needs to be patched in order to work at all, then the operating system is _not_ compatible.

Hell, even virus makers were quicker to port their viruses than the antivirus makers were porting their antivirus apps.

Oh, and I work as a computer technician, building, configuring, installing, servicing computers for customers. So I've used Vista quite alot and I find it absolutely horrible and incredibly annoying (with all the UAE and DRM crap for example).

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RE[6]: Reason for piracy
by CrazyDude0 on Wed 20th Jun 2007 08:40 in reply to "RE[5]: Reason for piracy"
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I once installed Ubuntu on my girl-friend's computer. The first thing she wanted to do was run yahoo webcam and video chat with her friends.

That was the end of her ubuntu experience and start of vista experience.

I also installed Ubuntu on my laptop once and the power management (or lack of it) made my laptop too hot to handle. Eventually that was end of my ubuntu experience as well.

See there are annoying things with all the OS. But the way Microsoft has maintained compatibility while enhancing their OS is credible.

Linux is just so horrible when it comes to compatibility.

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RE[7]: Reason for piracy
by csousa on Wed 20th Jun 2007 08:57 in reply to "RE[6]: Reason for piracy"
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The difference is in Microsoft land you pay for "compatibility", in Linux you not!

In Vista you pay to companies to mak hard tests.
To make windows crazy is easy: Work with you stuff from one cdrom and in the middle just eject the cd.

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RE[7]: Reason for piracy
by leech on Wed 20th Jun 2007 09:34 in reply to "RE[6]: Reason for piracy"
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This is a bit off topic, but I thought I'd throw in my bits here.

Yahoo Webcam and Chat doesn't work in Linux because Yahoo won't open the protocols and won't ever update their own Linux client. This is not Ubuntu's fault, but the fault of Yahoo. There is a program that supposedly works with Yahoo Webcam and Voice called gYachE, but last time I tried that it was extremely unstable.

Vista on the other hand... I have it on my Laptop and it runs fine, but the second I try to use voice chat (mind you this is without webcam) and it chokes, crashes and dies. Yahoo is quite a horrible piece of software.

Power Management though with Ubuntu on my laptop works fine. It runs cooler in Ubuntu than Windows Vista or XP.

Compatibility problems are everywhere. For example, Sid Meir's Alpha Centauri. The Linux version needs some little hacks like turning off the Composite extension in newest versions of X, and the Windows version requires a patched .dll file in Windows XP (Not sure about Windows Vista, most things don't work in it anyhow, or they turn your theme back to classic because Aero isn't compatible with jack.)

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